Wilson 801212 Phone Amplifier Mobile Kit ... - Click to enlarge.
Wilson 801212 Phone Amplifier Mobile Kit ... - Click to enlarge.

Wilson 801212 Phone Amplifier Kit (801201 + 301103) is Dual Band Cellular & PCS Amp Kit including antenna!

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Wilson 801212 Phone Amplifier Mobile Kit (801201 + 301103): DUAL-BAND cell phone signal amplifier plus 12" Magnet Mount Antenna is an RF antenna amplifier plus antenna for cellular and PCS wireless phones

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Wilson 801212 has now been upgraded to the new FCC Certified USA version, Wilson 460102. If you need this item for installation and operation in United States, you must purchase Wilson Mobile 3G Part # 460102, instead. Thank you.

Wilson 801212 Phone Amplifier Mobile Kit (Wilson 801201 Amp + Wilson 301103 Antenna): DUAL-BAND cell phone signal amplifier plus 12" Magnet Mount Antenna is an RF antenna amplifier plus antenna for cellular and PCS wireless phones. Wilson 801212 Cell Phone Amplifier/ Wireless Repeater: Announcing antenna signal amplifier/ cell repeater that is an RF antenna amplifier and RF transmitter for all cellular phones operating on frequency of 824 Mhz to 894 Mhz as well as all PCS phones operating on the frequency of 1850 Mhz to 1990 Mhz with Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, Cellular One, Alltel, Bell Canada, Telus, Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile USA and all other Cellular and PCS carriers. All required RF cables are included with Wilson Electronics 801212. Wilson 801212 cellular amplifier/ cell phone signal repeater is an aftermarket wireless product. Buy bi-directional amplifier/ cell phone repeater that greatly improves signal strength inside a vehicle when using your cellphone. Using RF electronics, Wilson 801212 antenna amplifier does this without physical connection to your phone! It even allows multiple cellphones to be used simultaneously with this RF power amplifier for increased reception attributed to this high power amplifier with 3 Watts maximum output power (cell site controlled). Purchase includes wireless amplifier kit and external antenna Part # Wilson 301103 (scroll down for antenna details listed at its separate listing below).

The amplifier in this kit is the Wilson 801201 is a wireless dual band in-vehicle repeater with 40db gain. The amplifier is dual band, working with all US networks except Nextel. It is the most powerful amplifier on our website designed for vehical use, and is well suited for rural as well as urban areas of very low signal. The kit includes the 301103 12" magnetic mount antenna. If you prefer a different antenna then you can buy the amplifier listed separately elsewhere at this website. The external antenna is a 12" magnetic mount antenna. The antenna mounts to any metal surface, and has a spring to prevent antenna damage. The antenna comes with a 10ft cable that connects to the 801201 amplifier. The amplifier is powered through your cigarette lighter socket with the aid of the supplied power adapter. An AC power supply is optionally available should this be required. This 801201 comes with an interior low profile antenna that will rebroadcast the amplified cell signals throughout your car or truck. This amplifier also comes with the option of attaching directly to your mobile phone through a wired connection and velcro attachment. When used in this way as a 'direct connect' amplifier it may prove more reliable as the antenna is contiguous to your phone. However, the drawbacks are that the wireless functionality is sacrificed in this mode of usage (only one phone can be connected at a time and you lose the mobile freedom of the wireless mode).

Purchase Includes:

Wilson 801201 wireless in-vehicle amplifier

Interior low profile antenna

301103 12" magnetic mount antenna

6' adapter extension cable

Mini internal 'antenna' (359914) and Velcro adapter

6V DC power adapter (in-car charger)

Installation manual

Technical Specifications:

Frequency: Dual Band

Max coverage area: 6 foot radius

Type: Wireless

Gain (up / down): 40dB / 45dB

Impedance: 50 ohm

Linear Output Power (up / down): +35dBm / +10dBm

Noise figure: 3 dB nominal

Power Requirements: 6V DC, 3A max

Dimensions (inches): 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.25

Frequency detail (up/down): 824 - 849 MHz / 869 - 894 MHz and 1850 - 1910 MHz / 1930 - 1990 MHz

Connector Type: FME Male

Wilson 801212 cell phone amplifier operation: RF signal is received by a Wilson external cell phone antenna from the cell site. It is then amplified by this Wilson 801212 cell phone signal amplifier and repeated to your phone via the inside slim low profile antenna (included). When your phone transmits, the signal is received by the same inside antenna, amplified by this Wilson 801212 cellular amplifier, then repeated to the cell site via the outside RF transmitter antenna. RF parts included with wilson 801212 bidirectional amplifier/ cellular repeater purchase include two RG-174 RF connector cables with RF adapters to connect to Wilson 801212 signal amplifier (10 ft. & 6 ft.), 12v DC power supply cord for any cigarette lighter plug adapter (to use at home or office building, our advice would be to buy AC/DC converter that is sold separately), and a slim antenna with smooth edges for discreet placement between seats or a similar position at suggested shoulder level in a vertical position for best 1-2 ft radiating pattern of this RF system which could boost reception for multiple mobile phones within its 1 to 2 ft. range with guaranteed results. Operate wireless phone wirelessly with no physical connection to phone using this Wilson 801212 cell phone amplifier! Wilson 801212 signal amplifier is ideal for use in car, large truck, boat, bus, mobile home or an RV travel trailer.

Wilson 801212 cell phone amplifier offers safe overload protection circuit. Wilson 801212 cell phone amplifier automatically resets whenever overload occurs on this bidirectional amplifier. RF shielding also occurs when using this RF receiver and transmitter: Wireless phones vary their power output based on their proximity to cell sites and this RF technology makes cellular phones lower their power output simulating an RF shield because it simulates proximity to a cell site thereby resulting in safer phones and longer battery life. Purchase Wilson 801212 cell phone amplifiers for less at this Wilson wireless products store! Click "Up" button to view other Wilson wireless products.

List of Features:

• No physical connection to your cell phone or cellular data card

• Works with all generations of CDMA, TDMA, GSM and high-speed data technologies.

• Passes TIA/ EIA-98-E transmit tests for evaluating CDMA cellular phones.

• Power control logic ensures maximum output power is within cellular standards

• Automatic gain control

• Automatic gain gain adjusting in the event of oscillation and/or overload.

• Gain indicator lights

• Automatic shutdown on overload

• Allows multiple phones and cellular data cards to be used simultaneously

• Maximum 3 watts output power

• DC power-supply included - AC power supply sold separately

• Slim low profile inside antenna included (Wilson 301127)

• FCC and IC type accepted

For more details of the antenna included with this purchase, please click on its individual separate listing below.

Wilson Antenna: 12.25" Magnet ... - View phone accessory details.
Wilson Antenna: 12.25" Magnet Mount Cellular Antennas are Wilson cellular antennae (Wilson cell phone antenna part 301103)

Retail MSRP: $39.95
Sale Price: $22.95, 5/$89.75

For weBoost Wilson Amplifier Buyers: Please note that amplifier part numbers which begin with "47" or "46" can be installed anywhere within USA and worldwide, whereas amplifier part numbers which do not begin with "46" or "47" are only available for installation outside United States of America. If purchasing part numbers which do not begin with "46 or 47" to be shipped within USA but for use outside USA, please complete and fax Legacy Cell Phone Signal Booster Customer Statement right after placing such an order. Thank you.

Regarding weBoost, Wilson Pro, and zBoost Amplifiers:

This is a CONSUMER device.
BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DEVICE with your wireless provider and have your provider's consent. Most wireless providers consent to the use of signal boosters. Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network. If you are unsure, contact your provider.
You MUST operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer. Antennas MUST be installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) from any person.
You MUST cease operating this device immediately if requested by the FCC or a licensed wireless service provider.
WARNING. E911 location information may not be provided or may be inaccurate for calls served by using this device.
Please note, the four largest carriers - AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint plus more than 90 regional carriers have given blanket consent for use of all boosters certified to the new FCC standards.

In order to help our valuable customers, we have compiled a list of most major wireless service provider's signal booster registries so you can easily register your existing or new cell phone signal booster after placing an order for it at our website. weBoost, WilsonPro, and zBoost are Wilson Electronics companies.

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