HELP/FAQ's offers lower prices, secure online ordering, 7-day money back guarantee for the cost of the item(s) and a 7-day exchange policy. Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

How do I find something?
From the home page of the store, there are at least four ways to find what you want:
1) The home page has direct links to enable search by cell phone brand name and model number, and sometimes to individual items.
2) There is an alphabetical index. Click on the "HTML Index" link at the bottom of most pages.
3) The store is searchable. Simply enter the word or words of the product you are looking for, in the search box shown at the top of most pages.
4) Some pages are very long and it would be a lot easier if you use the "Find" feature in your browser instead of scrolling down endlessly looking for your phone brand. To enable the "Find" feature, click on "Edit" in your browser and select the last option or simply press Ctrl-F on your keyboard. Then simply type in your phone brand and you should be able to find what you are looking for in a page, a lot faster!
If you want to go back to the menu you were on or if you want to go to the main menu of the item page that you are on, click on the "Up" button that is the last button on the red button bar on the left of each page.

Contact information, shipping, tax, returns, and other policies
For information like the shipping costs, tax, as well as contact information like our physical address, toll free phone and fax numbers and to find out how and where to return products for exchange or refund - see the store's "About us", "FAQ's" and "Returns" pages accessible from the Home Page. The home page can be reached by clicking the logo in the top left corner. Note: Online store returns are NOT accepted at our retail store! Furthermore, prices will differ between prices at the retail location and prices shown at this website.

How to buy? How much will the shipping cost be?
Buying from is easy and secure. When you place an order, you can feel confident that your credit card information is protected by a secure server. The credit card information will be purged after one month so the information will automatically disappear after one month making it inaccessible to anyone including ourselves.

For every orderable item, there will be an "Add to Cart" button. This button adds the item to your shopping basket. Putting something in your shopping basket does not commit you to buying it. After you put something in your basket, you can choose to place the order immediately, or continue shopping.

You can put as many items as you want in your shopping cart - the shipping cost will remain the same because we offer flat-fee shipping options including, for example, $5.95 via USPS Ground to a business address, etc. - regardless of the number or the size of the items you order. When you're finished and want to place the order, you can get back to your shopping cart by clicking on the "View Cart" button.

Why is shipping cost more for residential addresses?
The shipping cost is dictated by shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx that claim to have proof and statistics to show that it is more difficult to deliver to residential addresses than to business addresses. Their argument is based on the fact that businesses are almost always open during business hours whereas there is a good possibility according to them for customers at a residence to be away from home or not to be able to answer the door due to one reason or another during the times they normally deliver in all areas. This causes delay when a signature is required (as most of our packages do) and they must make repeat delivery attempts costing them more time, money, and effort. Due to these reasons, more packages are returned from residential addresses than business addresses which cost us more to administer them by contacting customers and re-shipping them or processing refunds as requested by customers. Therefore, we charge more to ship to residential addresses than to ship to a business address.

Do you ship to addresses outside the USA and Canada?
At this time we do not ship to other destinations outside U.S.A. and Canada except for APO/FPO military addresses and major offshore territories and protectorates of the United States. We currently ship to addresses in the United States of America, Canada, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, and other US Minor Outlying Islands. Please be sure to select the correct shipping & handling options available for those areas in the drop-down menu at the Check Out.

Do you ship by U.S.P.S. ?
Yes, we now ship by United States Postal Service as well as United Parcel Service.

Do you ship to APO/FPO Military addresses and what is the procedure?
Yes, we ship to APO or FPO military addresses with state abbreviations such as AP, AE, AA, FP. Please select the "APO/FPO by USPS" shipping option offered during checkout. APO and FPO addresses are special addresses used for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines logistics. Please note that these US and overseas military addresses must contain the APO or FPO designation in the "City" field of the check-out cart along with a two-character "State" abbreviation of AE, AP, or AA in the "State" field of the checkout cart. In addition, there must also be the Zip Code or Zip+4 code in the "Zip Code" field of the shopping cart. Due to excessive fraudulent online orders with APO / FPO addresses, please double-check the zip code for any error before placing the order. If the zip code entered is not in the current APO/ FPO military database, the order will be considered fraudulent, will be reported to the FBI, and will not be processed. The City, State, and Zip Code or Postal Code fields must appear as: APO AE 09001-5275, FPO AP 96606-2783, or APO AA 34035-4198. We use the US Postal Service Priority Mail (Insured and Certified) for your shipment. The US Postal service recognizes the APO / FPO address and have special handling procedure for the packages. Note: AE is used for armed forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Canada. AP is for the Pacific and AA is for the Americas excluding Canada.

What is Yahoo! Wallet Express Checkout?
"Yahoo! Wallet Express Checkout" button will appear when you click on "Check-Out". It means that supports Yahoo! Wallet Express Checkout. You can securely store your address and credit card number with Yahoo! Wallet, and checkout with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Problems accessing our website?
If you can access other websites but cannot access ours, please notify us by email after you have tried the following: If you have visited us in the past prior to our new server upgrades, then you may have an old cache of our previous set of servers. In order to completely eradicate that cache, you must carefully examine the "Server not found" page that will appear when you attempt to access our website. Then, click on the hyperlink it offers to "detect network settings". This will draw our web page directly from our new servers and you will get the cache of the new servers and the web pages will begin to appear like they used to when you had visited us the last time.

Problems ordering?
If you click on the Order button and get no response, it is probably because you can't connect securely to our server. As a test, try going to - If you can't connect securely to Microsoft either, then you're using a very old version of your browser, in which case you should upgrade. Or you are behind a corporate firewall that won't allow secure connections. Ask your network administrator, or order from home.

If you click on the Order button and get a blank page or an error page asking you to try to "Refresh" your page, it means that our servers are too busy with too many customers online trying to place their orders all at once - wait for about five minutes and then click "Refresh" on your browser and everything should get back to normal.

No "Add to Cart" Button?
If there is no "Add to Cart" button on the page of an item, then it means that the item is currently out of stock and cannot be ordered at that particular moment. You may send us an email with the item name and description to find out when the item will arrive back into stock.

Why am I being asked for a "Security Key"?
Your computer is logged into Yahoo! and the system thinks you want to use your Yahoo Wallet to check out.

1. When the Security Key Window pops up, click "change user".
2. Find the link "Log out of Yahoo!" and click on it.
3. Click the "Back" button near the top in your browser two times and this will take you back to the order page and you can proceed normally.

Can't add more than one item?
Cookies are used to remember the products that you have placed in your cart. If your computer has the cookie acceptance turned off, then you may experience this problem. Order one item per order and email us your order numbers and we will consolidate your orders into one or enable cookie acceptance in your browser (Medium setting will automatically accept cookies).

I have already enabled cookie acceptance in my browser but I still can't add more than one item to the cart.
This often happens when you use a portal (Yahoo! or MSN are examples of portals) to access a new Web site. Portals often set their own cookies, and cookies from sites accessed within the portal are sometimes considered "third-party." If your Internet Explorer privacy setting is set to medium, the third-party cookies may be blocked. You can avoid the problem by coming to our site directly, rather than clicking to it through a portal - Just copy our address "" (without quotes) and paste it into a new browser window. You could also reduce your privacy setting in Internet Explorer from Medium to Low (or to Accept All Cookies). If you're sure you want to do this, click Tools>>Internet Options>>Privacy. Move the slider down. Click Apply>>OK. If you’re using Netscape, change the cookie setting with Edit>>Preferences. Double click Privacy & Security and click Cookies. Select Enable All Cookies and click OK. If the problem persists, please troubleshoot further.

Can the order be changed or cancelled after being submitted?
Since we immediately begin to process each order that comes in, it is unfortunately very unlikely from our past experience that the order is intercepted for us to be able to change or cancel it. Therefore, we recommend all customers to place another order if another product is needed and/or wait for the initial order to arrive and then return it right away for a refund or an exchange as per simple return instructions posted under, "Returns" button on the left.

The right-click button does not work!
On top of your browser, the drop-down menu's called File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and Help should help you to accomplish your tasks. It takes hard work and long hours to create an online catalog and therefore we are in litigation with many of our competitors for copying our copyrighted work. In order to reduce such unethical activities by a few unethical people, we have been advised by our attorneys to block the right click feature. Sorry for your inconvenience.

How will you know that we received your order?
After you submit your order, provided that you had typed in your correct email address, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your order was received. Another email will be sent after your order has shipped. This second e-mail will contain a shipment tracking number for your reference. If a correct e-mail address was not entered at the time of order placement, unfortunately, you will not receive any order receipt nor order shipment confirmations although your order will be processed and you will receive it as everyone else does.

Your prices are too low - what is the catch?
There is no catch - Our goal is to provide the best value by offering good products at low prices. Our prices are significantly lower than what you would find at the local mall or other online stores so you may wonder, "How is this possible?" Well, in a nutshell, we are able to provide a very low price on quality products because we buy in large quantities directly from manufacturers at greater discounts and our overhead costs are lower. By buying directly from top quality manufacturers in large quantities, we reduce our costs so that we can offer you the best prices on the Internet. In order to eliminate the costs associated with returns and replacements, we offer only the highest quality products at low prices upfront. Although we have retail stores selling wireless phones and services, we market most of our accessories online by consolidating them in one location and shipping them all across USA and Canada from that one location. This is how we can take advantage of the lower cost of operation for our accessory sales. Toll-free phone lines with operators "standing by" are paid for with higher product prices so we encourage use of email to communicate with our customers regarding online accessory sales. Unlike stores in your neighborhoods or some online stores, we do not buy from so called "wholesalers" who buy from other "wholesalers", who in turn buy their products from yet another "wholesaler". By ordering from us, you are removing a lot of people in the middle. Fewer people in the middle means fewer price markups along the way. Thus, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

Are all products brand new?
All items are brand new. We do not carry used or refurbished equipment. only sells first-hand, top quality and genuine products. We do not sell factory seconds, defective, refurbished, used or second-hand products. At, we offer only the highest quality goods at competitive prices. We believe that if you get good price, good product, and good shopping experience, you will tell all your friends about us!

Do you have a catalog? Do you have any physical store locations?
Currently we do not publish a catalog. We are working to keep our prices lower than other retailers and catalogs are very costly to maintain and manage as do retail stores. We do have several retail store locations that sell AT&T or Verizon Wireless phones and service. However, you can only purchase accessories directly from our web site by choosing from the extensive selection of products at prices posted at the online store. As it may be obvious, retail store prices may vary from online store prices due to increased staffing expenses and increased cost of maintenance of retail stores. Online store prices are not available at our retail stores. Orders must be placed online to take advantage of lower prices that may even offset shipping costs in most cases.

If I order on-line can I be assured that the transaction is secure?
We utilize SSL to ensure safe, secure transactions. SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) is designed to establish a secure connection between your computer and ours using encryption technology. Encryption translates your confidential order information into a secret code that only we can read. This is the most effective way to ensure that your order information is protected. We also require you to enter your credit card number each time you order, since we do not want to store this sensitive information on our site. Your credit card information is used only to process your order. We believe these elements provide a very secure shopping environment.

Can I order by phone, fax, or by mail?
Despite the assurances above, if you still feel uncomfortable ordering online, you may order by fax or by mail as well. To order by fax, place the online order as you would if you were to place it online with the exception of entering the credit card number and credit card billing information. After entering the shipping address and proceeding further, you will reach the page when the credit card information is required. At this point, click on "Print" icon in your browser to print the order form pages to your printer. Fill out the blank fields for your credit card information and the credit card billing information with a pen and mail it to us at the address provided under, "CONTACT us/ABOUT us" button on the left or fax it to 713-789-5898. The order will be processed upon receipt during business hours. Thank you.

How do I check my order status?
Upon order placement, an email is sent immediately with an order confirmation that contains a link to your order status page. Another email is sent within 72 hours of actual shipment of your order. The latter email also contains the same link to your order status page which then displays your tracking number with a link to shipping carrier's website which displays the location of the package while in transit.

How do I remove my name from your mailing list yet receive my order confirmation and tracking number?
When you order from us, provide your email address at the checkout so we can send you your order confirmation and tracking number. After receipt of the same, simply reply with "REMOVE" in the subject (after clearing the original subject line pertaining to your order) and you will never receive any promotional email from us ever again.

Please note that when you place an order with us, you do not even have to give us your email address in the first place either if you do not have one or if you do not want us to send you any emails including an order confirmation email and an email containing your tracking number (and we certainly understand that knowing the spam problem being so problematic for all of us). To choose this option, you will need to enter our default email address ( instead of your own email address because our checkout cart requires an email address to be entered in order to process each order.

If you do provide your own email address, you will receive your order confirmation by email and later the shippers tracking number of your order by email. If you have not replied with "REMOVE" to either one of those emails, you may receive our monthly promotional email during the first week of the following month with a customer appreciation discount coupon code for discounts not offered to new visitors. If you like, you may simply reply to the very first such promotional email with, "REMOVE" in the subject or unsubscribe using the "unsubscribe link" at the bottom of each such promotional email and you will be instantly unsubscribed from our promotional mailing list PERMANENTLY - Yet you will continue to receive order confirmations and order tracking numbers for subsequent orders from us everytime you enter your email address during checkout! As you can see from the alternatives we offer above, we give you more choices regarding use of your email address than any other known business website on the internet.

How do I know my Phone Make and Model Number?
If you are having trouble identifying your phone make and model, please read our Tips on how to identify your phone model.

No response to your emails?
If you do not receive a response to your email within three business days, please read this important information to make sure that we get your emails and you get ours.

Can't find an item?
Type it in the "search box". Still can't find in item? Please send an E-Mail for a prompt response. Thank you.

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