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Read the following testimonials for Wilson Electronics, Inc. and see for yourself how well Wilson cell phone antenna boosters work!

Avtron Manufacturing, Inc.

We were very pleased with this installation. We had no cellular service internally prior to the installation. Now we have four bars plus. In hindsight, it should have been a no-brainer.

Roger Merriman, Avtron Manufacturing, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio.

Leeds Area Fire Department

The Leeds Area Fire Department is housed in a steel-fabricated building. Prior to Wilson Electronics installing an antenna and amplifier, the signal strength was poor enough that I missed almost every call. A representative from Wilson told me he could fix this problem, and he has. I never miss a call inside the building, communication with others is great, if only my home and other locations could be as good! Dependable cell phone service is very important to me as Fire Chief. With dependable service in the building, I can promptly speak with those who have needs. Sometimes those needs are dangers to Property or Life. Thanks to Wilson Electronics, I have dependable cell phone service in our building.

Steve Lewis, Fire Chief. Leeds, Utah.

SOHO Kit takes signal from zero to incredible

Our agency bought the #841245 SOHO KIT from Wilson Electronics in February of 2009. The salesman Danny was great to work with, the product arrived quickly, and installation was easier than programming a VCR. Prior to getting this product, cellular service inside our building was next to zero. Now, the coverage is incredible, both for cell phones, and broadband for our Mobile Data Terminals.

Cpl. Bobby Crocker, King George Sherriff's Office. King George, Virginia.

Cambridge Telephone

After installation of the Wilson Cellular Dual Band Connection Amplifier into my company vehicle I began testing to investigate the performance. I have several areas within our PCS network that provide some terrain challenges where calls are dropped and connections cannot be made. I proceeded to these specific areas to test the performance of the Wilson Dual Band Amp. The performance proved to be better than my highest expectations. I was able to hold calls and make calls from areas that were normally dead spots. It was as though the hills blocking my reception didn't exist at all. I have tried other manufacturers "so called" dual band amplifiers that didn't meet my requirements, but this new Wilson Cellular Dual Band Connection Amp kicks butt on anything I have personally tested. For my test I used 100% Wilson products. I have also found that the antennas produced by Wilson Cellular are superior in grade and quality. I am anxious to get another unit with a Yagi antenna for some customers of ours... They really hit a home run with this Dual Band Amp.

Jerry Piper, PCS Manager, Cambridge Telephone Company, Inc. Cambridge, Idaho.

Emergency Managment/ 911 - Cavalier County

Thank you for your great assistance in aiding in our choice of cell phone amplifier equipment for Cavalier County. Your input was invaluable to a “newbie” like me. The Wilson Kit that you recommended works wonderful. I end up in all parts of the county and on a recent trip to visit 2 of the areas where cell phone service is very sketchy, I had at least 1 bar of service at all times and usually 2-4 bars. I have recommended this kit to our Fire Departments and EMS services.

Karen Kempert, Emergency Manager, Emergency Management/ 911, Cavalier County, ND. Langdon, North Dakota.

Fron-Tronics, Inc.

I would just like to thank you and your tech support staff for all their help installing our dual booster system. It went in flawlessly and works great! My normal phone/data installer was able to do the install with out ever installing anything of the like.

Joe Husosky, Tech Support Analyst/ Webmaster, City of Dania Beach. Dania Beach, Florida.

Ithaca Police Department

Thank you for the assistance you gave to Officer Derek Barr. Your prompt response to his questions and your assistance in sending the needed part were a great help. The electronic component you sent was a key item for the cell phones in our Mobile Command Post. In 2003, Tompkins County Area Transportation (TCAT) donated a bus to be used as a centralized command post. The command post, now fully equipped, provides a place where team leaders can strategize and negotiators have a quiet, secure room to negotiate. The bus is used by the Critical Incident Negotiating Team (CINT) and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). CINT, formed in 1996, is a multi-jurisdictional team that has specially-trained members that focus on stabilizing and defusing an incident prior to anyone, including the suspect(s) being injured or killed. The SWAT Team, formed in 1998, is a 19-member team specially trained and equipped to handle incidents that go above and beyond the capability of patrol officers.

Victor Loo, Chief of Police. Ithaca, New York.

Kastner Pontiac GMC Honda

I have bought many products from Wilson Electronics over the years, adapters, amplifiers, cables, antennas and other odds and ends. I have always been impressed with the quality and workmanship of the products I have received. I live in a remote part of Napa Valley and with the use of your 1.9 MHz Yagi antenna I was able to pull a Verizon Wireless Broadband signal from barely one bar to two bars with upload and dowload speeds at 1 Mb per second. That was before I hooked up my amplifier! When I called for assistance, you were there. I couldn't be happier and I would recommend your products to anyone that is serious about solving communication problems such as these. Thank you.

William Kastner, Owner, Kastner Pontiac GMC Honda. Napa, California.

Merritt BC, Canada

This amplifier is incredible. I cannot believe how well it works. I am getting an extra 15-20 km range over what my air card used to be able to do. And I am not talking about raising it a couple of bars. I have used it in two different areas of my district that before I had no reception at all. My card shows no tower, I fire up my amplifier, and it goes to five bars. I am working in a mountain area and I thought the amplifier would only extend my range to a few limited places, but I was wrong. I have two or more areas to check out yet, but wanted to let you know that to date I cannot believe how good this amplifier works. Thank you very much for your excellent service, knowledge and concern over my experience with the adapters and direct connection amplifiers.

Andy Mackay, Conservation Officer. Merritt BC, Canada.

Source Medical Products

I am in sales and I cover New England and upstate New York. With all of the hills and mountains, my cell phone was often of no use to me at all, either dropping calls or not working at all. Being able to use my phone while traveling is critical to me because driving time is "Dead Time" for me in terms of sales productivity without a functioning phone. I was also paying a lot of money for the dropped calls and calls that were not clear enough to communicate. The rounding up of minutes charged to my account after each disconnect amounted to hundreds of wasted minutes every month. I recently saw the Wilson Cellular Dual-Band NMO Mount Antenna when I stopped for gas at a truck stop in the Berkshire Mountain area of western Massachusetts and decided to give it a try. It is terrific! I have not dropped a call since. It has already paid for itself in just a few weeks!

Jes Strong, Source Medical Products. Chicago, Illinois.

Tele-Commuter Resources

We recently built a mobile office for marketing and field support of our community development programs. It was equipped with video conferencing among other capabilities and we were assured that wireless services would provide the requisite bandwidth. Prior to the shakedown cruise we tested our electronics; we had no cell signal and a broadband speed of 1 Kps. We were not happy. Within 48 hours of contacting Wilson, an amplifier and antenna set was in the mail. We installed it with 5 bar success and true broadband speeds. Fantastic service and fantastic products. Quite literally, Wilson allowed our office to fully engage in the information highway.

John Sanger, President, Tele-Commuter Resources.

American Soldier

Wilson, I got the amplifier and it works great. Crystal clear and full strength where there was no signal before. It even boosts the signal of other cell phones not connected, if they are close enough. I appreciate your help. Great service and a great product. Thanks from an American Soldier who can now keep in touch with family members any time I want.

Roberto, United States Army.

Bark River, MI.

I wanted to write to you, to say thank you for information you shared with me when I called the other day. I can't tell you enough, how much I appreciated your help. It assured me, that I made a wise decision, when I purchased the Wilson desk top antenna booster. I am so impressed by the way the unit works. I had purchased another unit from a local cell phone distributor and it was nothing more than a terrible headache. Needless to say, it did not work, and to be perfectly honest with you, I was a little hesitant in trying the Wilson. Boy, am I glad that I did. My phone went from 1 bar on a good day to 5 bars everyday. Thanks again.

Daryl Peterson. Bark River, Michigan.

Brunswick, Ohio

I bought the Magnet Mount Antenna for my girlfriend. She was so pleased, she convinced me to get one for myself. Thanks!

Anthony Zingales. Brunswick, Ohio.


I am writing to tell the world how pleased I am with Wilson Cellular Booster system. My wife and I are in business and depend heavily on our cellular telephones. Unfortunately, our home is located behind a hill and several miles from a cellular antenna site. The result was once we went home we had dead cellular service. We missed important calls and played "telephone tag" endlessly. It was very frustrating for us. We loved our home, but hated being without our cellular phones. We were introduced to the Wilson Cellular Booster system by Bill Eck of Half Moon Bay, California's Auto Cellular and Paging. Bill provided us with a complete kit, which included the 50 dB booster, a directional Yagi antenna, an indoor antenna and the miscellaneous wiring necessary to hook it all up. To my surprise the installation was easy and the directions complete. It was up and working in a matter of a few hours. Wow! We now have good cellular service inside our home and on the patio outside. Plus, we can both use our cellular telephones at the same time and without wires. Great technology. Thank you Wilson Electronics for a great product. It really works!

Gary W. Phillips, California.

Crown Point, Indiana

I bought a Magnet Mount Cellular Antenna about five months ago and couldn't be happier with it. I live in northwest Indiana. I travel to southern Indiana about 10 to 14 times a year to visit my parents and there are areas where I couldn't get a signal. Even at their house I would get only the weakest signal. My wife also travels to her parents' house outside of Knoxville, Tennessee and she would lose the signal 50 percent of the time going in and out of the mountains. With the antenna she has never lost the signal once! I also travel to Ontario, Canada three to four times a year for fishing trips. As I would travel through Wisconsin and Minnesota I would lose the signal as soon as I got out of the main cities. Now I don't and yes, I have even used the phone! When we were at the cabin we were not be able to use our phones. I made a plate that we fastened to the gutter and put the antenna on that. Now, we use the phone and it is as clear as a home phone. The area is about 45 miles northwest of International Falls, Minnesota and the only access is by boat. So, if anyone wonders if the antenna is worth it, the answer is "Yes, it is!"

Gary Hepler. Crown Point, Indiana.

Geneva, Illinois

I purchased one of your Wilson Yagi Cellular Antennas from The Cellular Store in Grand Junction, Colorado, for use with my Nokia cellular phone in the mountains. It worked exactly as described, once I got it aimed at my receiving tower, which was some 40 miles or so away. I was able to receive and send, which I had not been able to do before.

A.J. Clauter. Geneva, Illinois.

Kahoka, Missouri

The Wilson Cellular antenna performed far beyond our expectations. Over the years, we have had great difficulty in obtaining a signal in some areas we visited. We would always find a "no service" message on our cellular phone. With the Wilson Cellular antenna, we were able to obtain service without any difficulty. We have traveled extensively throughout the Midwest this summer and have always had good reception when we used the Wilson Cellular antenna. You can be assured we will speak highly of Wilson Cellular antennas in the future to all those who express an interest in cellular communications. Again, our sincere thanks.

Kenneth Beckman. Kahoka, Missouri.

Lake County, Florida

Over the years I have used many different antenna configurations for cellular. This includes Yagis to get out in outlying areas where cellular was minimal. I spend a lot of time in our motor home and seem to end up in places where my cellular phone can barely get out. That has all changed since I purchased the Wilson Trucker Cellular Antenna. This antenna is simply amazing for a passive antenna. I am very impressed.

Jay Boehme. Lake County, Florida.

Reno, Nevada

I received the correct adapter cable on Monday. It works great. What a difference. I thank you so much for your support in this matter. It was very much appreciated and has restored my confidence that there are still nice people at good companies. Thank you again.

John Hildenstab. Reno, Nevada.

Upstate New York

I have a Wilson antenna that you guys recommended for me to use with my cell phone. With the Wilson adapter, it works great in our remote second home on the Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate New York. I've recommended this configuration to neighbors, they are passing it on and it's use is saving us money in land line costs before long distance charges. And, virtually any call is long distance. Thanks and thank you for your super phone service. You guys are very helpful and actually answer phones.

Mike Karl, New York.

Walton Construction

We had five trailers at a job site located on the ground level of the parking garage. Our people were having trouble maintaining a signal on their Nextel phones and often had to walk outside their trailers in order to use them. After installing a Wilson Electronics In-Building Wireless Amplifier system in each trailer, everyone is now able to use their Nextel phones, having a stronger signal than before. Thanks to Wilson Electronics, communications at our job site was greatly improved.

Jeff Shipp, Logistics Manager, Walton Construction. Ellisville, Missouri.

For weBoost Wilson Amplifier Buyers: Please note that amplifier part numbers which begin with "47" or "46" can be installed anywhere within USA and worldwide, whereas amplifier part numbers which do not begin with "46" or "47" are only available for installation outside United States of America. If purchasing part numbers which do not begin with "46 or 47" to be shipped within USA but for use outside USA, please complete and fax Legacy Cell Phone Signal Booster Customer Statement right after placing such an order. Thank you.

Regarding weBoost, Wilson Pro, and zBoost Amplifiers:

This is a CONSUMER device.
BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DEVICE with your wireless provider and have your provider's consent. Most wireless providers consent to the use of signal boosters. Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network. If you are unsure, contact your provider.
You MUST operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer. Antennas MUST be installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) from any person.
You MUST cease operating this device immediately if requested by the FCC or a licensed wireless service provider.
WARNING. E911 location information may not be provided or may be inaccurate for calls served by using this device.
Please note, the four largest carriers - AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint plus more than 90 regional carriers have given blanket consent for use of all boosters certified to the new FCC standards.

In order to help our valuable customers, we have compiled a list of most major wireless service provider's signal booster registries so you can easily register your existing or new cell phone signal booster after placing an order for it at our website. weBoost, WilsonPro, and zBoost are Wilson Electronics companies.

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Found Lower Purchase Price Elsewhere (Excluding Wilson Electronics Products)? Simply email and/or fax, Low Price Guarantee form if you find accessories or related supplies for less (excluding Wilson Products) and await our response during business hours to see whether we can match or offer a new lower cost. Competing retail suppliers or online stores must be located in USA or Canada. See product supply price guarantee form for details.

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