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Mobiledit Cell Phone Software CD SUPPORTS over 265 mobile phones!

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Mobiledit cell phone software is PC sync software CD for over 265 mobile phones with cellular software license for any 1 wireless phone*

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Mobiledit cell phone software is a PC sync software CD for over 265 mobile phones with cellular software license for one wireless phone. MOBILedit cellphone software works on all cell phone models listed below that are available in USA as well as Canada and allows you to control your mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth Dongle, Infrared adapter, or USB cable (NONE INCLUDED – Can be purchased separately or with other cellular phone software data kits listed below). After connecting the cellular phone via USB cable, IrDA Infrared adapter or Bluetooth dongle (Some phone models do not support Infrared and Bluetooth while most support USB cable so it is best to purchase USB cable along with this software if you are not sure), view the contents of the cellphone on the PC, perform full-text searches, dial numbers and send SMS to family and friends. In addition, this mobile phone software enables users to backup all data, copy to other similar cellphones and manipulate your contacts comfortably using the regular computer keyboard. When you receive an SMS, it arrives on your PC in a similar way as an email arrives to your laptop - Simply reply or move that SMS to the archive and be more productive with your time. With MOBILedit! wireless phone software, you can use your computer and speed up your productivity. This wireless software enables users to send messages fast and never worry about the loss of data when if you lose your cell-phone because you've safely backed-up all its contents using this easy to use and economical cell phone software. Already have a USB cable purchased from elsewhere? Great, any USB cable that fits your phone is compatible with this cell phone software. When buying a similar new phone due to loss or damage of existing phone, seamlessly transfer all of your information from the old phone to the new phone.

This mobile software supports many, many brands and models including Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, LG or a Symbian phone (Complete list of supported phones at the bottom). Features of this cell software include an ultimate phone control center where you can view the complete phone status information including the phone signal strength, phone battery status, current phone network operator, phone to PC connection type, hardware and software revision, IMEI, etc. Another useful feature is its powerful phonebook editor with which you can create structured items, easily sort and filter your phone contacts, import and export, multi-level undo, Outlook connector, etc. Using Mobiledit cell phone software, download photo's easily and organize, backup, print, or publish all pictures taken by the cell phone camera. Outlook synchronization enables keeping your phones contacts, calendar, and tasks synchronised with Microsoft Outlook with powerful features and functionalities using subfolders, previews, filtering, etc.*

Dial out from computer, send long SMS messages, organize contacts, download entertainment, install, or play games! Copy pictures from mobile phone or upload your favorite polyphonic ring tones, logos, MP3s, themes, Java applications, and documents to your cellphone. Features support for a large quantity of phones; file system enabling access to a phone and card; an editor for phonebooks; edit, sort, read, and archive SMS to PC; complex synchronizations; calendar, tasks, notes; handling of incoming calls and SMS in real-time; connect multiple phones at once, etc. Mobiledit 1.97 and Mobiledit 2.0 were excellent and Version Mobiledit was already superior but this Version Mobiledit adds a new phonebook editor with more flexibility to edit and transfer phonebook. Even better is the fact that at the time this cell phone software CD is activated with the license key included, the latest version of MOBILedit available at that point and time will be provided to the user.

MOBILedit! allows you to control cell phone from computer via Bluetooth, infrared or cable (devices not included – buy separately below if you don’t already own one). Using this mobile phone software, easily copy photos from your phone or upload your favorite ringtones, logos, MP3's and transfer documents as well. Dial, send SMS, receive calls, organize contacts, play games and much more. MOBILedit! is designed as an operating system which you can enhance by increasing its functionality by adding new optional plug-in applications and drivers. It operates on computers with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems.*

This cellular phone software CD comes with a license for use for one wireless phone make and model.


* PhoneBook with powerful contact editor.

* Unique open architecture with phone drivers and installable applications with support for most cell phones from most manufacturers.

* With SMS feature, send messages from your PC and organize SMS that you receive.

* Communication between phone and PC via Bluetooth or Infrared dongle or USB cable.

* With MMS feature, read or send multimedia messages.

* Unlimited applications with optional plug-ins like plugins to read books in the phone, etc.

* File system that enables work with multimedia files stored in a cell phone like ring tones, photo’s, MP3s, themes, and java applications. Filing system helps to organize ringtones, music, pictures in your phone.

* Powerful editor for phone book stored in cell phones or in SIM cards.

* With SIM card feature, edit information stored in SIM card.

* With Tasks feature, edit tasks stored in the cell phone.

* With Notes feature, edit notes stored in the cell phone.

* Dialing feature offers quick search and ability to dial contacts from PC. Full text search and dial-in phonebook directly to cell phone from your computer phonebook.

* Send SMS messages from PC

* Edit, sort, read, and archive your SMS messages on your hard drive

* Cell Phone Back Up feature helps to archive and perform intelligent autoback-up that backs up data automatically even if user has not backed up in case of loss/damage of wireless phone.

* Play games like Chess, Backgammon and many others on your PC through your mobile phone

* Upload and install games or applications to your mobile phone.

* Direct SIM editor via all smart card readers (via PC/SC standard)

* Edit photos from cell phone with powerful printing

* Skinnable design; New look can be downloaded from the Internet.

* Complete MS Outlook support with easy connection to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Provides advanced synchronization with MS Outlook. Work with Outlook directly from Mobiledit interface. Outlook Express is fully supported as well.

* Powerful calendar editor that can be synchronized with MS Outlook.

Cell phone software is plug and play! Download photos, upload addresses, and do other cool stuff depending on your phone brand and model. Cell phone software is complete and comprehensive managing most of cell phone data with lots of useful functionalities. Easily connects to cell phones over a standard USB cable. Overall layout is easy to understand and easy to use. Finally a cell phone software that is user friendly! Enables access to handset phonebook contacts. Relays information about a cell phone like its battery life, signal strength, etc. With a USB cable (not included), it enables update of pictures, MP3 ringtones, videos, etc. If you have a headset, you can call through your computer if your phone is connected. Send and receive text messages from your PC! Excellent cell phone software tool for managing cell phone content. Mobiledit software does backup of cell phone data in case of theft or loss of mobile phone, organizes contacts, transfers them to a new phone, and simply cleans up all the mess on SIM cards and phones. Cell phone software is universal and supports over 260 phones. Cell phone data transfer software license is limited to 1 of your phones. Mobiledit CD must be purchased for Mobiledit serial number and Mobiledit activation key to operate Mobiledit software because direct Internet Mobiledit download is not available. Requires online activation for each phone after purchase and installation of CD. Upon installation of Mobiledit CD and online activation, it quickly recognizes all of the following phone models*:

Ericsson A2618s Ericsson A2628s Ericsson R310s Ericsson R320s Ericsson R520m Ericsson R600 Ericsson T20s Ericsson T28s Ericsson T39m Ericsson T65 Ericsson T68 LG 510w LG C1200 LG C3320 LG G3000 LG G5200 LG G5300 LG G5310 LG G5400 LG G5500 LG G7000 LG G7020 LG G7030 LG G7050 LG G7100 LG W3000 LG W5200 LG W7000 LG W7020 Motorola A1000 Motorola A835 Motorola C250 Motorola C385 Motorola C450 Motorola C550 Motorola C650 Motorola E1 Motorola E1000 Motorola E1070 Motorola E398 Motorola E550 Motorola L2 Motorola L6 Motorola L7 Motorola T190 Motorola T720 Motorola T720i Motorola Timeport 280 Motorola U6 Motorola V180 Motorola V186 Motorola V220 Motorola V235 Motorola V3 Motorola V300 Motorola V360 Motorola V3i Motorola V3iv Motorola V3x Motorola V3xv Motorola V500 Motorola V505 Motorola V547 Motorola V551 Motorola V60 Motorola V600 Motorola V60i Motorola V620 Motorola V635 Motorola V66 Motorola V66i Motorola V70 Motorola V80 Motorola V975 Nokia 2100 Nokia 3100 Nokia 3120 Nokia 3200 Nokia 3210 Nokia 3220 Nokia 3230 Nokia 3310 Nokia 3330 Nokia 3410 Nokia 3510 Nokia 3510i Nokia 3650 Nokia 3660 Nokia 5100 Nokia 5110 Nokia 5140 Nokia 5140i Nokia 5210 Nokia 6020 Nokia 6021 Nokia 6100 Nokia 6101 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6150 Nokia 6170 Nokia 6210 Nokia 6220 Nokia 6230 Nokia 6230i Nokia 6250 Nokia 6260 Nokia 6310 Nokia 6310i Nokia 6510 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6610 Nokia 6610i Nokia 6630 Nokia 6670 Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6800 Nokia 6810 Nokia 6820 Nokia 7110 Nokia 7200 Nokia 7210 Nokia 7250 Nokia 7250i Nokia 7260 Nokia 7270 Nokia 7280 Nokia 7360 Nokia 7380 Nokia 7600 Nokia 7610 Nokia 7650 Nokia 7710 Nokia 8210 Nokia 8250 Nokia 8310 Nokia 8800 Nokia 8810 Nokia 8850 Nokia 8910 Nokia 8910i Nokia 9300 Nokia 9500 Nokia N70 Nokia N90 Nokia N-Gage Nokia N-Gage QD Panasonic GD67 Panasonic X700 Philips 530 Philips 535 Philips 630 Philips 650 Philips 755 Philips Fisio 620 Philips Fisio 625 Philips Fisio 820 Philips Fisio 822 Philips Fisio 825 Samsung SGH-A800 Samsung SGH-C100 Samsung SGH-D410 Samsung SGH-D500 Samsung SGH-D500E Samsung SGH-D600E Samsung SGH-E100 Samsung SGH-E300 Samsung SGH-E330 Samsung SGH-E335 Samsung SGH-E600 Samsung SGH-E700 Samsung SGH-E710 Samsung SGH-E715 Samsung SGH-E800 Samsung SGH-P400

Samsung SGH-S100 Samsung SGH-S300 Samsung SGH-S300M Samsung SGH-S500 Samsung SGH-V200 Samsung SGH-X100 Samsung SGH-X200 Samsung SGH-X450 Samsung SGH-X460 Samsung SGH-X480 Samsung SGH-X600 Samsung SGH-X640 Siemens A65 Siemens A75 Siemens AX75 Siemens C35 Siemens C35i Siemens C45 Siemens C55 Siemens C60 Siemens C65 Siemens C72 Siemens C75 Siemens CF62 Siemens CF75 Siemens CX65 Siemens CX70 Siemens CX75 Siemens CXT65 Siemens M35i Siemens M50 Siemens M55 Siemens M65 Siemens M75 Siemens MC60 Siemens ME45 Siemens ME75 Siemens MT50 Siemens S35i Siemens S45 Siemens S45i Siemens S55 Siemens S65 Siemens SK65 Siemens SL45 Siemens SL45i Siemens SL55 Siemens SL65 Siemens SX1 Sony Ericsson D750i Sony Ericsson J300i Sony Ericsson K300i Sony Ericsson K500i Sony Ericsson K600i Sony Ericsson K700i Sony Ericsson K750i Sony Ericsson P800 Sony Ericsson P900 Sony Ericsson P910i Sony Ericsson S700i Sony Ericsson T200 Sony Ericsson T230 Sony Ericsson T290i Sony Ericsson T300 Sony Ericsson T310 Sony Ericsson T610 Sony Ericsson T630 Sony Ericsson T68i Sony Ericsson W550i Sony Ericsson W800i Sony Ericsson W900i Sony Ericsson Z1010 Sony Ericsson Z520i Sony Ericsson Z600

<<<<<<<<<< FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS >>>>>>>>>>

Question: Will this software work on phone models listed regardless of Carrier or country where it is being used?

Answer: Yes, unlike other mobile phone softwares in the market today, the phone carrier has no effect on the capability of this phone software. If a phone model is on the supported list above, it works 100% in Canada and US without flaw no matter who the mobile phone Carrier is: Verizon Wireless, Cingular AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Nextel, Alltel, Rogers Wireless, FIDO, Telus Mobility, or Bell Mobility. This is due to the fact that unlike other comparable mobile phone software products, this mobile phone software is "phone model" dependent, not "carrier" dependent. Therefore, it does not matter which firmware version exists in the cell phone model being used or whether cell phone firmware update or cell phone firmware upgrade has been applied (Canadian firmware or US firmware, or other). All cell phone models that are supported by MOBILedit are supported all around the world by all mobile operators including all Carriers in USA and Canada and regardless of where the mobile phone is being used. Some mobile operators are GSM and others are CDMA. This mobile phone software supports almost all GSM phone models, and a growing number of CDMA phones that are being added to the list frequently. Therefore, it works with all mobile phone carriers in USA and Canada including Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, TMobile, Sprint PCS, Nextel, Alltel Wireless, Metro PCS, Rogers Wireless, FIDO, Telus, Bell Mobility, and all other smaller mobile phone carriers in United States and Canada.

Question: Need to transfer data from old phone model to new phone model using this single user license?

Answer: When a user installs MOBILedit onto his PC, he/she will get 7 days of 2 phones supported. After 7 days, the program becomes read-only unless MOBILedit has been activated with the activation key. In other words, if the user immediately activates MOBILedit with the activation key when they install the program, he/she will only have 1 phone supported from that time onwards. So the solution is to use 7 days of 2 phone support provided by default without activation of software. Thereafter (or after transfering data from old phone model to new phone model) activate MOBILedit with the key sometime within that 7 day period after all content has been transferred from one phone to another.

*All Features are not supported by all cell phone models! Some cell phone models support fewer features than others.

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