12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub - ww ... - Click to enlarge.
12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub - ww ... - Click to enlarge.

12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub - AFTERMARKET (0.01 lbs)

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12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub -

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For Cell Phone Model: Please make sure that this cell phone product is compatible with your cellular phone as stated above or at your wireless phone manufacturer's website. ANT36 is supplier item # of this cellphone accessory.

UPC Code: Unknown. Part Number or SKU is ANT36 for this cell phone accessory. Wholesale Factory Supply Identifier: ANT36

If 12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub ( ANT36 ) is what you are looking for, look no further because we carry the brand new 12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub (ANT36) at the best TOTAL price, everyday!

Flashing multi-color 12 Light Flashing colored antenna top replaces your internal antenna to put you in the spotlight!
  • 12 Light Flashing Hawaiian antenna blinks multiple colors continuously flashing during any call and will occasionally flash as the phone registers with the cellular system.
  • Hawaiian Designs appear at the base of the antenna top.
  • Performance is slightly degraded to convert some RF signal into light.
  • Replace your original cell phone internal antenna easily by following model specific instructions.
  • Compatible with all digital cell phone signals (ANALOG GSM TDMA CDMA GPRS).
  • IMPORTANT: Antenna top is not complete nor operational without antenna base (not included & sold separately). Cell Phone specific antenna base adapters must be ordered separately!
  • Multi-color 12 Light flashing antennas are sure to attract!
Supported Models and Categories: Audiovox UTStarcom CDM-105 Audiovox CDM-130/ CDM-130XL/ CDM-135/ CDM-135XL/ PCX-1100XL/ PCX-1110XL Audiovox CDM-3300 Audiovox PCX-3500XL PCX3600 CDM7000 CDM7075 CDM8000 CDM8100 CDM8200 CDM8300 CDM8400 CDM8500 CDM8600 CDM8610/8910 CDM8900/PM8920 CDM8610/8910 CDM 8915/ Pantech 215 CDM8920 CDM8930 CDM8940 CDM 8945 CDM9200 CDM9500 CDM9900 UTStarcom CDM7025/CDM120 G'zOne Type-S TM150 CDM7900/ Z800 200/300 600/i888 700/T18 A2218z/ R300 J220 K500 K550/W610 K700 K800/K790 M600i R280/ A1228 R380 S700 T100 T200 T28/T39/R320/R520 T60 T608/T610/T616 T630/637 T66/T600 T68 W200a W300i/Z530 W580/ S500 W600/W550 w710 W800i/ K750i W810i Z200 Z300 Z310 Z500 Z520 Z550 Z600 Z710i 90 QCP2100 2300 3225/3245 5135/S14 QCP800 QCP860 KX16/Candid KX13/ Dorado Kyocera Aktiv/ Energi/ K480/ K490 series K132 K3310/ K320 Strobe/ Switchback KE Rave/Blade/Phantom KX2/ Koi KX1/ K4130/ Soho KX12 KX18/ Jet/ Angel KX440/KX444 KX5/ Slider Remix/ Sonic Series Access KX7/Topaz Milan/Oystr/KX9B/KX9C/KX9D KX9A/ KX9E KX17/Prisma Q SE47/Slider KX160/Xcursion 1010 110/111/2110 300/2000 320/330/2300 G4010 G4050 4NE1/ DB230 510/1100 520/5200 MM535 LX535 LX5350 5450 VX6000 A7110 Series Accessoreis AX145 AX275 AX355 AX380 AX390 AX4270 AX490 AX5000/UX5000 C1300/G4015/G4020 C1500 C2000 CE110 CE500 CG180 CG225 CG300 CU320 CU400 CU500 CU575 LG F7200 LG KG800 GSM Chocolate LG KG810 GSM Chocolate Flip L1100 L1200 L1400 LX150 LX160 LX350 LX5450 LX550 FUSIC LX570 MIGO VX1000 LG PM225/ VI125 PM325 VI5225 VX1 LX-1200 VX2000 VX3100/TM250 AX/VX3200 VX3300 VX3400 VX4400 VX4500 VX4600 VX4700/AX4750/VX4650 VX5200 VX5300 VX5550 VX6100 VX7000 VX8000 VX8100 VX8300 VX8350 VX8500 Chocolate Phone VX8550 Chocolate VX8600 VX8700 VX9000 VX9400 G410 A1200 A388 A630 A830 A840 C139 C155 C168i C250/C256 C331g/C333g (GSM) C331 TDMA C332 C350g/ C353/ C359 C650 DPC/SC/TeleTAC/Lite E310 E380 E815 ELITE/M70 KRZR K1 KRZR K1m MOTORAZR Maxx VE MPX200 MPx220 P280 RAZR V3 RAZR V3x RIZR Z3 ROKR E2 ROKR Z6 StarTAC T720/T721 Motorola T722i T725 T730 V120 V170/V171/V173/ V176 V180 V188 V190 V195/ V197 V220 V235 V260 V265/V266/V276 V300 V323 V325 V326 V360/V361 V365 V3xx IZAR V400 V400p V500/V551 V60 V600/V620 V60p/V65p cell-phone V60V V66 V690 V70 V710 V750 RAZR2/V8 V80 V810 RAZR2/ V9 V9m VADER W315 W370 W385 i205 i215 i275 i285 i415 i450 i530 i560 i580 i600/280/370 i730 i830 i836 i85 i760/i850/i855 i860 i870/ i875 i60/i90 i95 ic402 ic502 ic602 ic902 1100 1110 1600 2120 2115/2125 2270/2285 232/239 2600 2651 282 3100 3155 3200 3220 3210/3290 3300 (2003) 3390 3590 3600 51xx 5100 (2003) 5300 6020 6061 6085/6086 61xx Nokia 6100 (2003) 6101 6102i/ 6103 6126/6131/6133 6155 6165 6170/7270 6200 6230 6235 6256i/ 6255i 6260 6265i 6280 6282 6310i 6305/6305i 6315i/ Pantech PNE330 6340/70/85 6555 6590 6600 6610 6800 7370 7373 7390 8260 8265 8290 8390 8801 8860 8890 N75 N76 N80 N93 N95 GD87 PN-210 PN-215 X70 PN-8300 PN-820 A117 A120 A127 A303 A310 A400 A420 A437 A460 A500 A503 Helio A513 Helio A517 A530 A540 A560 A570 A580 A600 A610 A620 A630 A640 A645 A650 A660/VI660 A670 A680 A690 A700 A707/ZX30 A740 A760 A770 A790/ A795 A800 A820 A840 A850 A870 A880 A890 A900 MM-A920 A930 A940 A950 A960 A970 A990 C207 C416/C417 D307 D347 D357 D407 D415 D500 D600 D807 D900 E105 E315/E316/E317 Series Acessories E335 E600 E635 E715 E720 sereis I500/i700 i600 M100 M300/ M305 M500 M510 M520 M610 M620 N105 N150 N200 N240/N270 N300 N330 N370 N400 N625 P100/P107 P207 P730/735 SGH-P777 Q105 R200 R225 R500 S105 S200 S300/S307 T209 T219 T300 T309 T319 T329 T409 T509/ T509s T519 T539 T609 T619 T629 T639 T709 T719 T729 T809 U340 U410 U420 U520 U540 U620 U700/ Gleam U740 V205/V206 X105 X400 X426/X427/X450 X475 X495/X497 X506/ X507 SGH-ZX10 SGH-ZX20 SCP200 VI2300 SCP2400 SCP3100 SCP3200 SCP5000/ 5150 SCP5300 SCP5400 SCP5500/ VM4500 SCP5600 SCP-6600 Katana SCP-6650 Katana II SCP7000 SCP7050 SCP7200 SCP7300 SCP-7400 MM-7500 SCP8100 SCP8200 SCP8300 SCP8400 Sereis SCP8500/ Katana DLX MM9000/MVP M1 RL4920 GX20 GX30 A56/C56/CT56 C62 CF62t CT66 M46 M55/ M56 S40 S46 S66 SL55/SL56 CMRX100 MiniCell 200 Unrelated VK 650c CDM4000

Buy multiple quantities of 12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub, and save more on already discounted prices, as well as possibly qualify for free shipping if total reaches $39 - See multiple quantity discount and ship free offer posted above. Purchase 12 light Flashing Hawaiian Ant Stub ( Supply Part Number ANT36 ), for less!

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