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Cell phone booster such as Wilson amplifier and Wilson antenna boost wireless phone signal to cell phones and PC's providing a better cellular reception signal at home, office, or while mobile in a vehicle. Do Wilson Cell Phone Boosters Work? Please call the numbers above for details or if you need assistance in selecting the part number(s) for an ideal wireless boosting solution to suit your specific needs. is an Authorized Dealer of Wilson Electronics, Inc. providing handset signal solutions with Authentic Wilson Electronics Equipment that include the popular cell phone signal booster cradle. There's a new line of commercial Wilson amplifiers available at this exclusive Wilson signal booster website. Or you may buy Wilson Electronics antennas, amplifiers, and related parts here.

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For Home / Office:

Home/ office under 2000 SF

Home/ office from 2,000 - 10,000 SF with good "outside" signal

Home/ office from 2,000 - 10,000 SF with weak "outside" signal

Home/ office (Nextel/ iDEN phones) over 2,000 10,000 SF with weak "outside" signal

Desk top area with good "outside" signal
For Mobile Solutions:

Ambulance Kit

RV Kit

Car/ Truck with Very Weak Outside Signal - Dual Band Kit with Blue Tooth Cradle Option

Car/ Truck with Very Weak Outside Signal - Dual Band Kit without Cradle

Car/ Truck with Weak Outside Signal - Dual Band Kit with Bluetooth Cradle

Car/ Truck/ Hotel/ Home/ Office with Good "Outside" Signal - Booster Kit with AC/DC and USB Power supply
New "All in One" Mobile kits:

Apple iPhone Mobile kit

Blackberry Curve Mobile Kit

Universal Mobile Booster kit

Wilson Sleek Car Cradle - Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster

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Cell phone booster test results are in: Increase your cell phone signal reception as well as your data communication rate with one of our most popular cell phone antenna accessories, the Wilson cell phone signal booster! Thanks to many cell phone booster user testimonials, we already knew that Wilson cell phone boosters extend your cell phone antenna signal range but now we know that they also boost reception when using all Cellular Data Cards using latest 3G & 4G Technologies such as UMTS, HSPA and EVDO. The test chart shows UMTS HSPA data throughput going from a poor signal environment to a good signal environment. The blue bars show the data rate before attaching a Wilson cell phone booster to the wireless data card and the yellow bars show the data rate after one is installed. As the test results indicate, there is a significant increase in cell phone antenna throughput once a Wilson amplifier is connected. The charted data rates are based on an average of several testing sequences using both Wilson direct connect and wireless amplifiers. Testing included an external antenna and direct connection or inductive coupler connection to a cellular data card. Three different types of data throughput tests were performed using HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. Different levels of attenuation were used to weaken signals and simulate path loss. Extremely useful cell phone accessories including cell phone signal boosters

You need a reliable cell phone signal - Reception boosting cell phone accessories such as a cell phone booster can help boost signal through cell phone antennas! Furthermore, with the need in today's world for increased data capacity and increased data throughput, signal reliability is essential. This is where Wilson's advanced engineering provides an effective solution within our cell phone antennas selection. A strong signal is required in order for wireless voice and data applications to work well in both in-building and mobile environments. Wilson amplifiers not only boost the signal quality and reduce the spurious noise signal distortion, but greatly increase the throughput rate. Testing results show dramatic throughput increases in poor signal areas when using Wilson cell phone signal boosters. Wilson's receive sensitivity allows better communication. Use cell phone accessories geared towards increasing signal strength. The sending and receiving of cellular voice calls and also data communications are directly affected by the received strength of the wireless signal and by the signal-to-noise ratio. Wilson's superior technology and receiver sensitivity of its cell phone boosters is the highest in the market and that is why cell phone accessories such as Wilson amplifiers work so well in improving both signal quality and data throughput. Wilson amplifiers outperform all the competition when it comes to receive sensitivity and increasing data throughput. In a wireless world, where high speed data applications such as video service, internet connectivity, and other multimedia applications are growing, cell phone accessories such as Wilson cell phone signal boosters like the new Sleek cell phone signal booster provide excellent performance at an affordable price. Extremely useful cell phone accessories including cell phone signal boosters

Wilson Electronics’ cellular signal enhancement products are ideal for government applications of all kinds. From emergency service vehicles to federal, state, and municipal buildings, Wilson systems are helping government officials and employees stay connected with extended signal range, fewer dropped calls, and increased data rates. We offer competitive pricing to everyone including state governments and local agencies. Additionally, all customers enjoy free technical support by Wilson Electronics (including expert advice on custom installations) and free shipping. We are dedicated to partnering with federal, state and local government agencies to meet their needs for improved cellular phone and data card performance.

Wilson Electronics is the world leader in cell phone signal booster improvement products for mobile and building applications. Wilson’s cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals which cell phone antennas are not capable of doing on their own. Wilson's powerful bi-directional cell phone signal boosters provide the highest receiver sensitivity in the industry and protect cell towers by preventing oscillation (feedback) and power overload. Their efficient cellular antennas are available in a wide range of designs (Omni, Yagi, Panel) for interior and exterior mounting in buildings, cars, trucks, RVs and boats. Wilson cell phone signal booster improvement products are available as easy to use plug-and-play kits, or they can be custom-configured to any cellular repeater system for unique applications by choosing specific Wilson cell phone signal boosters, cell phone antennas and mobile components.

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